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Today Thind Eye Hospital Jalandhar celebrates its 25th yrs of glorious service
Today Thind Eye Hospital, Jalandhar celebrates its 25th yrs of glorious service in the field of advanced Ophthalmology to the patients of Punjab, surrounding states & the NRI's from various countries. Thind Eye Hospital popularly known as “ THIND DE JANA AE” has always remained committed to reinvest in acquisition of latest technology & machines from the world over so that State of the Art treatment available anywhere in the world can be provided to their valued patients at their door steps. Hospital has also remained equally focused to enroll highly qualified Doctors, Technicians & the staff to operate the latest technology & the machines held in their hospital.

Dr. Thind always had equal concern for providing latest inhouse infrastructure for the patients at reception, waiting hall at various floors & the modular theatres so that alongside the best treatment, best internal ambiance which soothens the patients & their attendants can be given.

Basic foundation of Thind Eye Hospital has been on the basis of service with humility, courtesy and the smile toward each and every patient and their attendants. The hallmark of the hospital lies that they have never differentiated in their patients irrespective of their financial status or the areas from where they hail. The hospital has very soft corner for the ex-servicemen (veterans) for their valuable services towards our nation. Thind Eye Hospital has remained committed in their future advancement and planning, keeping in view of their motto “ WE LEAD TODAY FOR TOMORROW”.